Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Quarterly Report

Well, friends, if you are still visiting our blog at this point, you've probably come to the conclusion that we are not regular posters. We're not procrastinators--our taxes were in at least three weeks before the deadline--we just generally feel there's not that much to report on a regular basis. Matt and I both aren't that comfortable blogging the inner thoughts and the inner workings of our minds...we don't even get around to putting that into our personal journals let alone cyberspace, so for the time being our blog posts are going to be sporadic reports.

Carly, this one in particular is for you. Sorry it's been so long in coming.

Here's what we've been up to the last four months:

Taking advantage of all of the great museums here in Washington, D.C. Matt and are I trying to get out to a unique cultural place or event every week. Matt's "eReeR" or the T-Rex...which one scares me the most...

I took the LSAT in February for the second time, and felt surprisingly confident afterwards. Luckily, my feelings were confirmed when I received my scores three weeks later--98% percentile, baby!

Matt hosted an fabulous "Super Tuesday" party. Our apartment was full of food, folks, and bi-partisan fun with all of the great activities Matt prepared. Highlights included "Pin the Candidate on the State," "Nomination" (imagine the card game "Pit" but with states and delegates as the commodities), and the Primary Bracket competing for the Carl Rove Political Genius Award. Yes, we get more excited about politics than the Final Four in this family.

As Matt and I go through our continuing quarter-life crises, we've even considered joining the Marines! Just kidding, but I can lift the 120 lb pack at the Marine Corp Museum (which is by far the best museum in the've got to see it!).

Speaking of culture, Matt and I both had never been to the National Portrait Gallery before Stephen Colbert's portrait was hanging there between the bathrooms and above the water fountain. It attracted so much attention, the Smithsonian Director has allowed it to be apart of the "National Treasures" exhibit for the next little while (which mean another museum visit for us). Gouchners, Cowans, and Grovers, this reminds us of good times!
We enjoyed a beautiful Easter feast with our good friends the Spackmans. It was the first true spring day we had in the area, and couldn't have been more idyllic. We loved passing all of the churches the way to ours in the morning, seeing all of the crosses covered in fresh flowers. We performed a stirring arrangement of "Death Shall Not Destroy My Comfort" (Mack Wilberg is amazing) in sacrament meeting. We reminisced on our engagement that took place four years ago that Easter morn. We talked to loved ones, and reflected on the hope springs alive in us from our faith. It was a beautiful day.

We have also been fortunate to have visits from both sets of parents this Winter/Spring season. The Gees were in town in early March, along with their foreign exchange student, Christof from Austria. We had a jolly good time going around the city and enjoying each other's company. The Christensens came out the end of March beginning of April right in time for peak Cherry Blossoms! This was our first experience with the DC cherry blossoms as well, and I would say it was definitely worth dealing with all of the crowds to check out.

In case you are getting the wrong idea about our lives, I wanted to let you know that there is some hard involved. Take this picture, for example. Fishing on the Potomac is hard work (I strained a muscle in my wrist trying to reel in something...I think it was a log or a tire). Trying to stay away from the fish, even harder.

I have been doing some things on and off with a local dance company. These past three weeks I had a residency at a local elementary school, teaching their transportation unit through creative dance. Matt was kind to come to our "concert" and catch it all on tape. Enjoy!

(Logan, by the way Matt loves the guitar. He's now channeling Stevie Ray Vaughn)